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The Region's values


Czorsztyn Commune is a beautiful region located at the foot of the Gorce and Pieniny mountain ranges, rich with unique natural and landscape values and natural resources. The hills, valleys, lime rock formations, streams and the man-made lake all make the spot a perfect tourist destination. The commune is inhabited by ca. 7000 people in seven sub-districts covering the area of 60 m2. The ruins of the ancient castle, erected by king Casimir the Great in the 14th century at the trade route to Hungary, which tower over the lake, are a symbol of the region's turbulent past.

Picturesque location at the border of Gorce, Pieniny and Spisz mountain ranges create perfect conditions for mountain tourism. Many hostels, agrotourist farms, guesthouses, campings, and private houses offer accommodation at competitive prices. However, the unmatched attraction of the region is the Dunaject river gorge rafting.
Extensive network of hiking trails in the Pieniny and Gorce mountains attracts walkers. One of the most beautiful trails runs to the top of Trzy Korony (Three Crowns) through Sabczanski Gorge, Castle Hill and Sokolica.

Those who prefer active rest, can engage in many sport activities, such as:
mountain horse riding on Hucul horses,
mountain cycling on selected trails,
water sports in summer,
Alpine skiing and ski-running in winter.


A man-made lake with Czorsztyn-Niedzica-Sromowce dam adds up to the region's attractiveness. The lake can be admired from viewing platforms of Czorsztyn Castle where, several times a week, "Luban" folk-band plays local music. Before leaving, remember to take your passport with you. There are two border crosses to Slovakia, a car one in Niedzica and the pedestrian one in Szczawnica.

source: www.czorsztyn.pl

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